But it’s privacy that’s the biggest issue for those surveyed – over 67 per cent citing it as a concern, with 26 per cent concerned about cyberbullying.

There is software out there to help parents filter kids’ activities online at no cost, including Qustodio, or you can pay to monitor and restrict usage with a product like Family Zone.

“As long as they and the parents have an honest conversation and define suitable rules for them and their household,” adds Simon, “I don’t think they need to institute draconian laws, I don’t think bans need to necessarily be put in place.”

The findings come as the federal government prepares to expand cyber safety training to children as young as four, in response to concerns about incidents involving younger victims.

“Our law enforcement agencies are seeing shocking incidents of children as young as four producing sexually explicit material, uploading it to social media, and subsequently engaging with online child sex offenders,” Cybersecurity Minister Angus Taylor said this morning.

The plan is to expand an existing program and offer training from federal police from the end of March.

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